JFSA is an independent organization, established to raise awareness of the problems around the Post Office Horizon system which for many years Post Office Limited has denied exist.

The organization mainly comprises of ex-Subpostmasters who have suffered at the hands of Post Office Limited, and who continue to fight for justice and to expose a major national scandal of incompetence and cover up. Irrespective of the current and proposed changes to Post Office, our membership which grows weekly, is determined to pursue this issue no matter how long it takes.

On this site you can find the original JFSA home page which explains the background to the formation of the group and what we are campaigning for. You will also find some example cases describing what has happened to people, and how you can contact us for further information or assistance.

Following years of campaigning with the support of many MPs, in 2012 Post Office appointed Second Sight, a firm of independent forensic accountants, to investigate the claims being made about the Horizon system and the associated issues. In July 2013 Second Sight published an Interim Report on its findings up until that date, which led to MPs raising questions with the Minister for Postal Affairs in the House of Commons.

The Interim Report demonstrated that there were issues that required further investigation, and in August 2013 an Initial Complaint Review & Mediation Scheme was developed to investigate individual cases. The Scheme was open to both serving and ex Subpostmasters who had issues relating to Horizon, and offered an opportunity to have their cases independently reviewed and raised directly with Post Office. In order to manage and oversee the Scheme a Working Group, comprising of Second Sight, Post Office and JFSA was established with an independent Chairman.

The Scheme closed on 18th November 2013 and during the 12 weeks it was open 150 applications were received. Documentation relating to the Scheme is still available to view here.  

Originally it had been expected that the Scheme would be completed by the end of 2013, but it soon became clear that the early target dates for taking a case through the Scheme were wildly optimistic due to complexity of the work involved. The expected four week investigation periods were in some cases turning into a 6 or 7 month reality. Currently, the last of the case reports is due to be completed by May 2015, and on the 17th April the Second Sight Part Two report was first received by Applicants and a copy of the report can be seen and downloaded from here. This report will form part of the Mediators Briefing Pack.

At the outset of the Scheme there appeared to have been a commonality of purpose with all those involved in the goals that the Scheme was trying to achieve. However as cases progressed through the Scheme it became evident to JFSA that the Scheme was being moved further from trying to establish the truth, to more about how Post Office could use the Scheme to protect its own position.

This caused JFSA and many of the Applicants involved to raise their concerns with their MPs which in turn led to these issues being discussed at an Adjournment Debate in Westminster Hall on 17th December 2014. During the debate many questions were put to the Minister of Postal Affairs, for which answers are still awaited.

On the 10th March 2015 Post Office took the decision to close down the Working Group of the Initial Complaint Review Mediation Scheme. It also, as was mentioned during Prime Ministers’ Questions in the House of Commons on the 11th March 2015, sacked Second Sight, the independent investigators.

Further information about many of the aspects above can be found by following the appropriate links. A fully revised and updated website will appear during May 2015.